Special Events at Racquet Club Ladue

Being a Member at Racquet Club Ladue allows you to host private events at the Club, as well as sponsor your friends' and colleagues' use of the Club.

Our comfortable, yet elegant entertainment spaces provide the perfect setting for any occasion. Racquet Club Ladue boasts seven beautiful rooms and a pool area, all of which are able to be reserved for private events. Our facilities can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 170 guests, which makes Racquet Club Ladue perfect for any special event from small family dinner to a wedding reception.

Hunt Room
The Hunt Room is the Club's largest private room and can be arranged to fit your needs, accomodating up to 80 guests. The newly renovated, modern design makes it the right space for formal gatherings and business meetings. Reserve the Hunt Room with the Member Lounge and Founders Room to accommodate up to 170 guests.

Founders Room
The Founders Room is located inside to the immediate left of the Club's main entrance. A warm and inviting room with ornate walnut decor, it contains a large wood burning fireplace and bay window view. The Founders Room accommodates parties up to 24 seated and 30 standing. The privacy of the Founders Room makes it a member favorite for special events, meetings and family celebrations.

Racquets Grille
The Racquets Grille is on the main floor and is our casual dining room with seating for up to 60 guests. The Racquets Grille is the perfect place to host your next lunch meeting or dinner group.

Located on the main floor of the club, the Veranda is our more formal dining room, featuring bay windows with a view of patio dining, the fountain, and the tree-lined tennis courts. The natural light and open atmosphere of the room make it a great space to host formal dinner and lunch gatherings, small receptions, bridal showers, and more.

Member Lounge
Members often use this social area to meet for cocktails before dinner or before an event in one of the larger rooms. Newly rennovated, the lounge provides a casual and comfortable atmosphere perfect for meeting with friends or colleagues. This room may be reserved for private events such as bridal showers, cocktail parties, receptions, and more.

For more information and to make formal arrangements, please contact Alex Grupe at the Club.