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Clubhouse Rules

Our mission statement reads in part, “Racquet Club Ladue is an exclusive family club... with a comfortable atmosphere where friendships are nurtured and fun is encouraged.”  Our club rules are designed to support this mission.  While rules cannot cover every situation, they are intended to provide a framework of expectations for members.  The concepts of civility and decorum guide the development of our rules.  As such, our rules should:

  • Maintain a traditional club atmosphere 

  • Promote respect of other members’ experiences

  • Foster an environment that sets an example of standards and values for our children

  • Allow the staff to consistently, effectively and politely address breaches of decorum

While rules and regulations may be considered “boorish” and unnecessary within the civilized environment of a private club, they are nonetheless important to insure proper decorum.  Management of Racquet Club Ladue has been explicitly instructed by the Board of Governors to enforce the rules.  The cooperation of all members is greatly appreciated.

Entering and Exiting the Club

  1. The general Rules Philosophy applies to Entry and Exit of the Club.  The key consideration is being respectful of other members and their functions and parties, especially when using the front main entrance.  

  2. When wearing tennis, workout or other sports attire, entry and exit through the Club front, main entrance is prohibited.  Please use the Pool/Locker Room or Patio/Bar/ProShop side entrances.

  3. If not in proper attire, all business with the front desk (drop offs, deliveries, etc.) should be pre-arranged to take place elsewhere in the Club.

 General Matters

  1. Cash payment for services or tipping is not permitted.   All members have the opportunity to reward employees once a year through a generous contribution to the employees' Holiday Fund.  Exceptions are allowed for trainers, shoe shine, valet, entertainment, or other services performed by non-employees.

  2. Members are not to request members of the staff to perform any personal errands.

  3. Members who damage the property of the Club shall be required to pay the cost of the repair or replacement of such property.

  4. Any suggestions or complaints regarding service or facilities should be made to the General Manager or in writing to the Board of Governors and not to any other member of the staff.

  5. Members are requested to park their automobiles properly in the designated parking areas and not in the curb area next to the Clubhouse, the receiving area, in front of the trash area, or in the front circle. Please do not park in the handicapped parking spaces unless you have a handicapped sticker.

  6. All athletic clothing must be kept in lockers; any clothing not properly stored will be placed in the lost and found at the end of the day.

  7. Talking on cellular phones is not permitted at Racquet Club Ladue, with the exception of locker room and exterior areas.   While permitted in exterior areas, please be considerate of other members and guests. Texting, email, or silent phone use is permitted everywhere except the Veranda, including the pool, private rooms, tennis deck, and Racquets Grille. If a member or guest must make a call, we ask they step outside the Clubhouse.  

  8. Phones, newspapers, magazines, tablets, computers, and books are not permitted in the Veranda. The volume on all electronic devices is to be turned off while in the Club.

  9. Firearms & concealed weapons are prohibited on club grounds.

  10. Smoking of any kind (including e-cigs/vapor) is not allowed inside the clubhouse or at outside dining tables. Designated smoking areas include the right of the front porch and outside the pool by the back gate.

Dining at the Club

  1. Conspicuous display of business papers is not permitted in any à la carte dining area. Business meetings may be scheduled in a private room.

  2. Chits for beverage and food service are to be signed.

  3. Reservations for à la carte are strongly encouraged.

  4. Reservations for Club events are required. Reservation deadlines will be set on an event by event basis and will be communicated with the membership in a timely manner.

  5. Members are requested to use discretion in inviting their children under the age of 12 to dine in the Clubhouse unless accompanied by an adult. It is expected that parents will supervise their children during all Club events and while dining. Children are welcome in the Veranda when dining with their families. Children who are not accompanied by an adult are restricted to either the pool or the Racquets Grille. When children are dining in the Racquets Grille or Veranda, the are to remain at their table and are not permitted to roam about the Club without supervision. This includes the other private and dining areas, locker room, main hall, or lobby.

  6. On Thursday evenings during family dining night, activities are provided for children in either the Hunt Room or the Racquets Grille, or during the summer out at the Pool. Activities are restricted to designated areas.

  7. Children between the ages of 16 – 20 are allowed in the bar if accompanied by an adult.

  8. Smoking of any kind (including e-cigs/vapor) is not allowed inside the clubhouse or at outside dining tables. Designated smoking areas include the right of the front porch and outside the pool by the back gate.

  9. All food and beverages consumed at the Club must be purchased from the Club. The Club recognizes that, on special occasion, members may choose to bring in a cake or a special bottle of wine. A corkage and/or cake cutting fee will be charged when applicable.

  10. Parties of 12 or more are required to set a menu prior to their reservation date.


  1. The general Rules Philosophy applies to Attire.  The key considerations are maintaining Club standards, being respectful of other people and their functions and parties, and setting a good example for children.

  2. For Private Functions or special Club Events, specific dress requirements, (e.g. coat and tie, black tie, business casual, etc.) can be designated for any area of the Club.  These will be publicized in advance in the event's invitation and promotion.

  3. In adult dining areas, including the Veranda, business casual attire is permitted, including neat denim. Neat denim is defined as jeans without holes, rips, tears, frays, excessive fade, tie dye, or cut off shorts.

  4. Tennis whites are permitted in the Member Bar.

  5. In family dining areas including the Racquets Grille and Tennis Deck, casual attire is extended to include tennis whites, athletic wear and baseball hats worn with the bill forward.

  6. Clothing with commercial or editorial content (brands other than small logos, words, phrases, band names, teams, etc.,) is only permitted in the Racquets Grille.

  7. Appropriate swimwear is permitted only at the pool, in the locker rooms and halls leading to the pool area.

  8. Members are reminded that management will refuse dining or bar service if the preceding rules are not observed.
    To instill the values of traditional dress at the Club, parents of children and teens should, when possible, discourage them from wearing denim.  We experience the most concerns about appropriate attire among this age group.  We ask parents to help the staff by ensuring children are dressed appropriately.


  1. Members are responsible for guests’ behavior and compliance with all Club Rules, including the supervision of guest's children and informing guests of the rules.

  2. Guests must be accompanied by a Member for all uses of the Club, including dining, athletics, pool, Club events and/or private parties. 

  3. Caregivers are subject to all Club rules.

  4. A member is responsible for all charges incurred by guests or caregivers.

  5. All guests using Club athletic facilities must be registered at either the Pro Shop or Pool Welcome Desk.

  6. An individual can be a guest to play tennis 5 times per calendar year, regardless of the number of members who sign in the guest.  An exception is made in the case of child guests taking private lessons or participating in clinics with a Member’s child under the age of 18.  Guest fees will apply per the current Fee Schedule Addendum, which is attached. 

  7. An individual, 18 and older, may be a guest to use the swimming pool 5 times per calendar year, regardless of the number of members who sign in the guest. Guest fees apply per the current Fee Schedule Addendum, which is attached.

  8. For uses of the Club other than Tennis and Pool, a food and beverage minimum may apply to all reciprocal users of the club and guests. This includes member sponsored events, parties, meetings, and activities in any of the Club’s dining or private rooms. Guest fees apply per the current Fee Schedule Addendum, which is attached.

  9. A Member (excluding Social Members) may request a guest card for an out of town visitor for up to two weeks, twice annually.   Guests 18 and younger are required to be accompanied by the Member host. Guest fees apply per the current Fee Schedule Addendum, which is attached.

Private Parties

  1. All private functions must be billed through a member account.

  2. Exchange of cash or checks is not permitted.

  3. No signage is permitted outside the private party area. The private party area is to include the booked space and immediately outside the doors of the booked space.

  4. There can be no public announcements of parties, nor publicity of any kind.

  5. Political fundraisers are not permitted.

  6. Charitable events must receive approval from the General Manager before management is to proceed with planning.

  7. Valet parking is mandatory for parties with 75 or more guests.

  8. Management must approve entertainment.

  9. Members are permitted to decorate rooms for their private parties. Please note that lighting fixtures, artwork, and certain furniture pieces are to remain in place during your event. Please do not hang décor on the walls.

  10. Use of buses must be approved with management prior to the party.


  1. Appropriate attire for adults and children consists of white tennis shorts or skirt and white shirts. T-shirts are not permitted in the tennis area or on the courts.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: The 80% white dress rule on the tennis courts will be strictly enforced. Members and guests may purchase approved white attire or tennis warm ups in the pro shop.

  3. Only non-marking soles are allowed on the indoor courts.

  4. Please provide 24 hours notice to the Pro Shop if permanent court time will not be used. If notice is not given after three unannounced absences, permanent court time will be forfeited and offered to other members.

  5. Members with guests must register at the Pro Shop. Guest fees apply.

  6. Fees may apply to members booking courts or lessons who do not cancel within a 24 hour time frame.

Platform Tennis

  1. Platform tennis attire requires proper athletic shoes and weather appropriate athletic clothing. The All White rule is not upheld on the platform courts. Tennis sneakers or footwear meant for cross training are best. Running and track shoes are not recommended.

  2.  Metal shovels and ice melt are prohibited on the Platform tennis courts.  These can cause serious damage to the platform court surfaces.

  3. Members may sponsor/host platform parties using the courts, deck and warming hut.  If food & beverage service is required, please provide at least 48 hours notice to the Event Coordinator.

  4. All food & beverage consumed at the Club must be purchased from the Club.

  5. Members & guests must register at the Pro Shop if using the Platform Tennis Courts.


Fitness Facilities

  1. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the workout rooms.

  2. Please limit time to 30 minutes per machine when others are waiting.

  3. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to use the workout equipment or enter the Men's or Ladies' Locker Rooms unless accompanied by an adult.