Guest Policies

We hope you find the below information helpful as you enjoy the amenities of Racquet Club Ladue. Some of our Club policies vary from other Clubs. In an effort to assist with your experience while visiting the Club, please review the below guest policies.


Smoking of any kind (including e-cigs/vapor) is not allowed inside the Clubhouse nor at outside dining tables. Designated smoking areas include the right of the front porch and outside the pool by the back gate.  Members and their guests are asked be respectful of others, and minimize other's exposure to second-hand smoke. 

Business Papers:

Business papers, newspapers, magazines and books should not be displayed in dining areas. Business meetings can be scheduled in one of our private dining rooms. The member bar may also be used to share business literature as well as the lounge area inside the mens locker room.

Electronic Devices:

Talking on cellular phones is not permitted at Racquet Club Ladue, with the exception of locker rooms and exterior areas. While permitted in exteriror areas, please be considerate of other members and guests. Texting, email, or silent phone use is permitted everywhere except the Veranda, including the pool, private rooms, tennis deck, and Racquets Grille. If a member or guest must make a call, we ask they step outside the Clubhouse. 


The key considerations are maintinating Club standars, being respectful of other people and their functions and parties, and setting a good example for children. For private functions or special club events, specific dress requirements can be designated or any area of the Club. These will be publicised in advance in the event invitation and promotion.

In adult dining areas, including the Veranda and Member Bar, casual attire is permitted. Business casusal attire is acceptable, including neat denim. Neat denim is defined as jeans without holes, rips, tears, frays, excessive fade, tie dye, or cut off shorts.

In family dining areas, including the Racquets Grille and Tennis Deck, casual attire is extended to include tennis whites, athletic wear, and baseball caps worn with the bill forward.