Dress Code

• For Private Functions or special Club Events, specific dress requirements, e.g. coat and tie, black tie, business casual, etc. can be designated for any area of the Club. These will be publicized in advance in the event's invitation and promotion.

• Casual attire is permitted in all areas of the Clubhours. Casual attire is defined as shirt with collar for men or boys, dress slacks or shorts, or collarless dress shirts when worn with a jacket. T-shirts are not permitted.

• Casual attire is extended to include “neat denim” & tennis whites in the Veranda and Bar areas of the Club. To clarify acceptable "neat denim" -- holes, rips, tears, frays, excessive fade, tie-dye, cut off shorts, etc., are not allowed. The ‘”neat denim” rule applies to outdoor areas as well, including outdoor tennis grounds, pool deck and platform tennis courts, tennis deck and patio.

• Clothing with “commercial” or "editorial" content is not allowed.

• Members and their guests are asked to please refrain from wearing any form of athletic hat or cap in all dining areas.

• Swimwear is permitted only at the pool, in the locker rooms and halls leading to the pool area.

• Members are reminded that management will refuse dining or bar service if the preceding rules are not observed.

To instill the values of traditional dress at the Club, parents of children and teens should, when possible, discourage them from wearing denim. We experience the most concerns about appropriate attire among this age group. We ask parents to help the staff by ensuring children are dressed appropriately.

The dress code applies to both children and adults.