Rules of Etiquette During Play

The game of tennis is by tradition one of focus and concentration, hence the quiet during professional play.  By name, Racquet Club Ladue has, since it's inception, provided an atmosphere of tennis gentility.  To maintain this quality environment for our tennis players we ask that members, guests and all children follow these guidelines of behavior and etiquette on and around the courts.


  1. No unnecessary walking adjacent to the Courts
  2. No running or loud talking/laughing along the walkway adjacent to the indoor courts.
  3. If a player is serving on court 1 all movement and talk along the walkway should stop until the serve is completed. (If one must move, the pace should slow to a crawl)
  4. No throwing a ball around on the walkway or tennis deck.
  5. No loud talking/laughing or overt activity on the tennis deck.
  6. No loud music or TV on the tennis deck
  7. No hollering to players on the court from the walkway or tennis deck.
  8. No one should be on the tennis courts without proper attire and at no time without tennis shoes.
  9. The tennis courts are for tennis play only unless authorized in advance for an event. (Court fees apply for special events)
  10. Enter from behind the curtains onto the court you are assigned.
  11. While on the court waiting for a lesson/clinic to begin, no hitting the tennis ball against the wall for practice.
  12. No one should be behind the curtains unless going to a lesson or clinic.
  13. No food or beverages are allowed on the courts or in the Pro Shop.
Tennis Attire

Appropriate attire for adults and children consists of white tennis shorts or skirt and white collared shirts. The all white dress rule with collars on shirts, will be strictly enforced.
Members and guests may purchase approved white attire from the pro shop.

*Proper tennis attire may be worn in the Veranda Dining Room, on the Patio, and in the Bar.